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Parking Information - IMPORTANT

  • Each day will have 75+ teams coming to the tournament. FAMILES ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO CARPOOL!  The amount of parking has not changed.

  • PARKING SHUTTLE- A continuous shuttle will be available between Hudson High School (2500 Hudson Aurora Rd.) and Eastwoods Elementary Saturday and Sunday from 9:00am - 7:00pm.

  • REFEREE Parking: Reserved parking is available in the gravel lot adjacent to the Field

House; enter through Evamere.

  • SWIMMING Parking: There are swim programs conducted during LaxFest. No

LaxFest parking is permitted in front of or in the back of the natatorium (closest to field

#4) until after 1pm on Saturday AND Sunday.

  • BASKETBALL COURT: Vehicles who want to drop off team tent materials can use the

Basketball Courts outside the Natatorium; but they are not allowed to park there.

  • Parking in the circle drives of Evamere, East Woods, and McDowell is only

allowed along the outer curb farthest from the buildings.

  • Participants should observe all posted NO PARKING signs. There is no parking:

o East side of N. Hayden Parkway

o Curbs closest to the buildings of Evamere (front and back), East Woods,

McDowell, and Middle School

o Island curbs at Evamere, East Woods, and McDowell

o Both sides of Franklin St

o All areas of Old Orchard, Evamere, and Bicknell

o Both ends of service road between East Woods and Middle School

  • Keep all walkways, sidewalks, tree lawns, etc., clear for safety and maintenance

crews at all times. Obey all city ordinance signage – police will be enforcing

throughout the weekend.


Evamere Elementary School

76 N Hayden Pkwy, Hudson, OH 44236

East Woods Elementary School

120 N Hayden Pkwy, Hudson, OH 44236

Hudson Middle School

77 N Oviatt Street, Hudson, OH 44236

Hudson High School

2500 Hudson Aurora Rd, Hudson, OH 44236